Decarbonisation Works at Clapham Leisure Centre and Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre

Lambeth Council (‘the Council’) has declared a climate emergency and aims to make its estate net zero carbon in operation by 2030. 

A key challenge identified in the UK’s 2050 Net Zero strategy is decarbonising the way buildings are heated. Most of the buildings in the public sector, still rely on fossil fuel-based heating. As these heating systems approach the end of their working lives it is an ideal opportunity to transition to low carbon heating. One fact to consider is that transitioning to low carbon heating can not only help reduce carbon emissions but also lower energy costs for the Council in the long run. By investing in renewable energy sources such as heat pumps or district heating systems, Lambeth Council can achieve its climate goals while also saving money on energy bills.

These investments will also create local job opportunities and stimulate the economy. Investing in low carbon heating is a win for the environment, the Council, and the community with improved air quality and reduction of pollution in our Town Centres 

In order to decarbonise the leisure portfolio, the Council has applied for Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) funding and has started work at Clapham Leisure Centre and Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre.

The following works are currently taking place at both sites:

  • Installation of PV solar panels on available roof space,
  • Replacement of gas-fired boilers with Air Source Heat Pumps; consequent modernisation of emitters (radiators),
  • Improved low energy LED lighting, 
  • Improved insulation of pipework and building fabric,
  • Upgrades to the Building Management System. 

These works are due to be completed this summer and are anticipated to deliver the below energy savings:

Site NameAnticipated Energy Reduction against Baseline (kWh)Anticipated Emissions Reduction against Baseline (CO2e)
kWh saved per annum% saving per annumtonnes saved per annum% saving per annum
Clapham Leisure Centre989,69954%18253%
Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre1,680,67044%32644%

No service disruptions are expected, and they’ll be kept to a minimum. You might hear a whisper of a drill, but we will try to muffle it.