Gymnastics at Active Lambeth

We provide the Rise Gymnastics programme, designed by British Gymnastics, providing a wide range of courses that support all ages and abilities. Our Rise Gymnastics courses are led by qualified gymnastics coaches in a warm and welcoming environment.

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Why choose Rise with Active Lambeth?

The benefits of gymnastics are profound and it can provide increased flexibility, bone density, balance, perception and strength but the sport can also help with developing core strength, reducing depression, problem solving, spatial awareness, enhanced focus and rhythm.

This is an amazing activity, helping children to develop skills that support many other sporting activates and for life.

Rise provides a fun packed programme through recreational gymnastics, creating an immersive, thrilling and exciting experience. Children of all ages and abilities have the power to shine with Rise Gymnastics. Rise Gymnastics is focused to develop naturally, meaning gymnasts stay engaged and achieve regular goals and medals.

Speak to one of our gymnastics coaches for more information and you can find more about Rise via the British Gymnastic Association: